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Name: Sean
Birthday: Oct. 23
Favourite color: Blue
Lucky numbers: Erm, not that superstitious?
Height: 5’11”
Talents: Some say I’m good with a camera, and that I can code up a storm. All we know is he’s not the Stig, but he is the Stig’s programming brother!
Last dream you remember: Uh, none? I don’t dream much.
Can you juggle: Two things. Maybe three things.
Art/sports/both: I’m not good at either, frankly.
Do you like writing: Eh.
Do you like dancing: Nope.
Do you like singing: Yup — sister has the pipes though.


Dream vacation: Le Mans
Dream person: Erm.
Dream wedding: That’s an unwarranted assumption.
Dream pet: Not an animal person.
Favorite song: The Thunder Rolls
Favorite album: Categorhythm
Last song you heard on the radio: I don’t particularly care for the audio commercial machine.
Least favorite song genre: Rap. There’s some good stuff (The Hit Song), but by and large I’ll pass.
Least favorite album: Uh, wha?
Least favorite artist: Probably someone I’ve never heard.


Guys/girls/both: Gals I rather suspect.
Hair color: Something about a redhead.
Eye color: You know, it doesn’t really matter.
Humorous/serious: More humor, but gotta know when to bring it down
Taller/shorter: Couple inches shorter.
Biggest turn-off: Constantly on the phone when you’re with people. Phone will wait.
Biggest turn-on: If I ever figure it out, I’ll let you know.

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Yay for Fairy Tail! is everybody enjoying the new season? We still have way too many episode to catch up with :P

Erza Scarlet is portrayed by lovely Caroline, who did an amazing job putting the cosplay together! We love her armour so much!

Gray Fullbuster, cosplayed by Matthias, is sporting his signature shirtless style ;) And look at that fantastic wig! Well done!

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How to tag NSFW but not get porn blogs


There’s a really easy way to avoid getting followed by porn blogs when you tag something as NSFW: do not tag NSFW in your first five tags.

Because of the way Tumblr works, only the first five tags are tracked, meaning if you put anything — even gibberish — in the first five tags, you can happily tag the sixth tag as NSFW and they won’t catch it.


Happy tagging!